Rock Stars Wanted

Inspired by the GRAMMYS, music’s pinnacle night of achievement, we present “The SAMMYS” … the finest of musical extravaganzas, honoring the “Sales And Marketing Movers of the Year” for Holiday Inn Club Vacations. This corporate awards celebration is a one-of-a-kind concert event held at the legendary Rock & Roll haven, Hard Rock Live, located in the center of Universal City Walk, Orlando, FL.

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Record Makers & Record Breakers

Leading and motivating a sales and marketing team all across the country that is diverse in both demographics and personalities is a difficult task, to say the least. However, these teams are the lifeblood of our company's success. So, rather than create the stereotypical awards dinner, I wanted to create a concept that would be energetic, exciting, full of life!  Welcome to “The SAMMYS” … our annual “Sales & Marketing Movers of the Year” awards celebration!

The concept was birthed from my love of live music, seeking to share the elated feeling one would get having just seen an amazing concert performance. While attending university in Rhode Island, "On The Dark Side" was topping the charts and John Cafferty was at the height of his popularity. We subsequently met through John's cousin, Steve Smith, while I was working as a roadie for his band. Our friendship bonded then and it is still strong to this day. Through our collaborations evolved this musical celebration - a team of world-class musicians backing a diverse lineup of original artist/performers, delivering incredible live performances of nothing but hits — all part of an up close and personal experience.

The reception level from our company’s team members has been nothing short of astonishing and is unique to any experience they could find on their own. Every year leaves them saying, "He could never make it better next year!" Browsing this website’s overview hits the highlights of prior celebrations, setting the tone for potential new participant artists, assisting us with the goal of making the next year chart-topping once again.

Our primary goal is to ensure not only that our employee base loves the show … in many cases, it takes them to the roots of the music they love … but to personally see to that the artists enjoy the experience equally as much, in an environment that is as professionally operated as any arena show! This world-class venue … The Hard Rock Live Universal Studios, Orlando, FL … is one of the finest music establishments in the world. It’s hosted many of the biggest names in the entertainment community. ‘Hard Rock’ is the company name that screams Rock & Roll.

If you are an agent or artist reviewing this website, THANK YOU! We hope to capture your attention with this information so that you will choose to arrange a discussion to explore becoming a part of our next SAMMYS event (March 2020).

John Sutherland
Producer & Master of Ceremonies